Welcome To Care and Cure Foundation
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About Us
This Foundation is the brainchild of  volunteers Who were working in the field of CANCER. The need to extend help, service to the other sectors in the health care led to the conception of the foundation. The passionate journey has begun to provide a caring and helping hand to the patients and their family members.

Prevention is better than Cure…But Detection is a must, to be Sure….!

Early detection is better in treating long –term ailments. We provide help in early detection for the schools and corporate.

Ignorance , lack of knowledge and incorrect information lead the patients in the wrong directions . We provide knowledge about the ailments through our awareness programs customized to their needs. We provide a caring hand to the  patients who are suffering  from life-threatening diseases.

Our Mission
Our main Mission is to serve needy individuals and families with financial, emotional help during their treatment.

We lead positive social change and deliver value to patients and their care takers through information, and service. We are dedicated to providing excellent advice and superior service through the entire period of treatment.

Welcome To Care and Cure Foundation